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Farmers` seed decisions empowering by new digital platform

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Published: 06:32, 15 January 2021  
Farmers` seed decisions empowering by new digital platform

Data empowers farmers to make more informed decisions in their day-to-day lives. To help them further maximize profit potential through data-driven seed recommendations, Syngenta and NK® Seeds have launched the Cropwise™ Seed Selector.

The Cropwise brand is the latest example of how Syngenta is accelerating innovation to address the increasing challenges for farmers and the environment. It eliminates a key issue facing the digitization of agriculture, which is ensuring different systems developed in the market can connect with one another to provide growers with quality data.

The tool builds on technology that combines artificial intelligence, two decades of agronomic information and a simple user interface. Along with the added benefit of being connected to a larger network of digital technologies from Syngenta, the Cropwise Seed Selector introduces NK resellers and customers to several new features designed to streamline and optimize the seed selection process, including satellite imagery for crop diagnostics and a tool that expedites field-by-field hybrid decisions.

"Our goal from the start with digitizing seed selection has been to support growers from the ground up – combining the expertise of our retailers and agronomists with data-driven technology," said Justin Welch, Syngenta digital product manager. "By looking at what data and science are saying through an unbiased, fact-based lens, innovations like the Cropwise Seed Selector are helping farmers make better business and agronomic decisions."

An archive of agronomic information allows users of the Cropwise Seed Selector to tailor their seed portfolio based on geographic location, soil productivity, precipitation levels, historic crop stress and performance of products by year and region. Users are able to adjust these factors to understand how a specific corn hybrid or soybean variety would perform under an array of different conditions — information critical to making confident seed selections.

The platform is highly adaptable, allowing retailers and farmers to proactively plan for weather volatility, soil variability and planting specifications by being able to see real results from real places. When employing the Cropwise Seed Selector, users benefit from:

"The Cropwise Seed Selector helps growers make the tough decisions by simplifying the entire process and taking out a lot of the guesswork," Welch said. "Through the tool, they can figure out which hybrids and varieties will work best and have the highest yield potential in their specific fields and individual growing conditions."

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