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Veterinary services and treatments will continue during Lockdown

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Published: 00:27, 9 January 2021  
Veterinary services and treatments will continue during Lockdown

Veterinary services and treatments will still be available during the national lockdowns in England and Scotland. They will also be available under the Welsh and NI arrangements. Says in poultry news website based in the UK.

National Office of Animal Health-NOAH's chief executive Dawn Howard said, the rules were less restrictive than last March. “Veterinary practices and businesses that help protect animal health and welfare are specifically allowed to remain open and people can leave home during the latest lockdown periods to ensure their animals’ health and welfare, he added.

“We welcome the latest joint statement by BVA and RCVS that the veterinary profession will be able to deliver essential veterinary services and will not revert to ‘emergency only’ as was the case last March. We look forward to seeing their latest guidance and will work with the profession and all those supplying animal health products and services to help ensure this can be done in a way that keeps professionals and animal owners alike, safe,” she said.

NOAH has published a ‘COVID-19 Animal Health Industry Best Practice Guideline’ which is updated regularly. This is designed to support animal health companies and their staff as they plan and restructure working activities around ongoing and changing Government guidance.