Friday 31 March 2023

BRRI`s Century in Breeding; High zinc rich rice has launched

Zinc-rich rice is coming to the field to meet the demand for zinc, one of the nutrients of the body through the rice. The National Seed Board has approved this new variety invented by Bangladesh Rice Research Institute-Brie. The variety called Bri-100 is the 100th rice variety of the research institute. 

02:08 10 February 2021

Guinness World Record is going to be set in `Crop Picture Bangabandhu`

The activities of Bangabandhu in the `Crop Picture` on the centenary of Mujib`s birth are going to set a Guinness World Record. This work of painting the face of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is going on in Sherpur of Bogra. 

04:52 7 February 2021

BRRI tops in South Asia in food security; 16th in the world

The Global Think Tanks survey, conducted by the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, has earned the reputation of being at the forefront of research in food security and policymaking in South Asia. 

04:45 7 February 2021

Morocco`s oasis and agricultural land are being lost

While climate change is still a theoretical debate for many, the survival of some people depends on it. People in the region of Morocco are quickly beginning to feel the effects of the crisis. This oasis is sinking in the sand of the desert The heat has been rising for several years.

23:24 15 January 2021

Russian wheat market hiked before the increase in tariffs

Russia has announced an increase in wheat export tariffs to curb rising prices in the domestic market. Even before the new tariffs came into effect, the country`s market saw a surge in wheat export prices. In the last week, the export price of Russian wheat has increased by 13 USD per tonne.

19:44 15 January 2021

Vietnam`s coffee exports fall 9% during corona

Coffee is one of the export products of Vietnam. Export of the beverage product from the country has slowed down in the outgoing year amid the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

19:31 15 January 2021

Unemployment will increase by agri mechanization, not right

Unemployment will increase with the mechanization of agriculture, not right. Instead, the farmers have been able to take the boro paddy of Haor home without any loss due to mechanization. There are many innovations in the agricultural sector. If it can be used properly, the agriculture of the country will go further.

19:17 15 January 2021

Maldives wants to take soil from Bangladesh

Maldives Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid called Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen in early November to discuss bilateral issues. At the time, he had expressed interest in the silt, the foreign ministry said. During the talks, the two foreign ministers also agreed on direct shipping between the two countries.

19:02 15 January 2021

WHO says how safe it is to eat eggs in bird flu

The World Health Organization also recommends that meat be washed well before cooking. The World Health Organization has said that it is appropriate not to buy cut chicken. Raw, half-boiled eggs cannot be eaten. Do not put anything else or cooked meat in the container in which the raw meat will be kept.

18:08 15 January 2021

Don`t stop eating eggs or chicken for fear of bird flu

Experts are concerned about bird flu across the country as the prevalence of the novel coronavirus is declining. The threat has been confirmed, with flocks of birds dying of the H5N1 virus, commonly known as bird flu. Among the various strains of the flu virus, the H5N1 virus has been reported in our country this year.

17:43 15 January 2021

International Conference on Agriculture in Canada

One of the agricultural events where there will be a forum with several exhibitors who will talk about the challenges in the field of agricultural engineering and how to solve or face them. It will be held from July 25th to the 27th in Montreal, Canada. 

17:11 15 January 2021

Farmers benefited from early variety potato cultivation

Farmers in Magura, a district in south-western Bangladesh are inclined to cultivate potatoes day by day. They are now inclined to cultivate early varieties of potatoes in the hope of making more profit. Potato growers are happy to get a good price of early variety potatoes in the market.

06:54 15 January 2021

Business benefits of participants from agricultural events

Agricultural shows are much more than just small-town fairs (but those do have their bonuses too!). Modern ag events are excellent for expanding your business and networking with potential clients. If you want to get some new ideas about how to make your ag business more profitable and more efficient, you can watch online videos, read industry magazines and get help from experienced friends in the field.

06:39 15 January 2021

Farmers` seed decisions empowering by new digital platform

Data empowers farmers to make more informed decisions in their day-to-day lives. To help them further maximize profit potential through data-driven seed recommendations

06:32 15 January 2021

Global temperatures in 2020 among highest on record: WMO

Global temperatures in 2020 were among the highest on record and rivaled 2016 as the hottest year ever, according to international data compiled by the World Meteorological Organization and released on Thursday. Reuters report.

06:19 15 January 2021

Statistics of rice production is not actual as field

The Department of Agriculture claims that Bangladesh is self-sufficient in rice production, producing more than demand. But sometimes the rice market is becoming volatile. The price of unbridled rice is making the common man miserable. So the `question` has arisen about the information on rice production.

05:55 15 January 2021

Innovation of new technology for carp farming

A team of researchers from Patuakhali University of Science and Technology has succeeded in a three-year study on carp. Carp species weighing 400 to 500 grams have been stored in the pond and weighed 2.5 to 3 kg in eight months. Which was unimaginable for the farmers of the south.

02:41 15 January 2021

Cambodia exports 3.5 million tons of rubber

According to Cambodia`s official report, the country exported a total of 340,000 tons of rubber in the outgoing year. The previous year`s rubber exports from the country were 2 lakh 82 thousand 71 tons. As a result, rubber exports from Cambodia have increased by more than 119,000 tonnes in one year.

02:30 15 January 2021

World`s Largest Trade Show for Poultry, Meat and Feed Industry

At the end of this month, the International Production and Processing Expo on poultry, meat, and feed industry event going to be held in the USA. USA Poultry and Egg Assoician are organizing one of the largest shows in this sector. This mega event will be held from 25-29 January at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

02:19 15 January 2021


Bangladesh goin to impose ban on poultry product to protect bird-flu

The Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock has requested the Ministry of Commerce to take immediate steps to stop the import of chicks, parent stock, poultry, birds and eggs from neighboring countries as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of bird flu in the country.

01:59 15 January 2021

Agricultural thoughts: Context between Bangladesh and Japan

Our country is the whole greenhouse. Our farmers and entrepreneurs should dream of growing the crop in this greenhouse and processing it (frozen, dry, packet, or can) to meet the demand of the country and export it abroad.

21:52 14 January 2021

Maize production will10 million tons in 5 years in Bangladesh

According to the Bangladesh Wheat and Maize Research Institute, the production of maize in the country was 750,000 metric tons in 2009, which has increased to 54 million metric tons in 2020. On the other hand, the demand for maize is 65-70 lakh tonnes per annum. The country has produced 12 lakh 50 thousand metric tons of wheat in 2020.

21:05 14 January 2021

Now is the time to set up a state-owned auto-rice mill

While the impact of the corona has come as a test to the country's economy and various sectors, the agricultural sector has shown irresistible progress. The rice sector has matched

20:16 14 January 2021

Sustainable and Farmers Friendly Agriculture for Bangladesh

Our system of Research and Development programs is public sector support based and oriented on issues more of our academic fields than of the problems of the fields, which mostly needs a comprehensive and coordinated approach.

01:17 13 January 2021